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    Verge: An Origin Story

    Founders Jory and Matt have a combined experience of over twenty years working with cannabinoids, primarily in plant genetics and product development. This, along with their shared passion for finding natural remedies to human problems, led them down the path to creating something so profoundly different from anything else in the industry.

    It began with a realization of untapped potential in the Varin cannabinoids, which changed their perception of what’s possible in the realm of cannabinoid products. If studies have shown these compounds can have such a positive effect on the human brain, what else could they do? How far could these effects be taken? Jory and Matt set out to find answers.

    After nearly two years of research and development, trying to perfect a formula that maximizes the natural benefits to mental clarity and focus, they came to an unexpected conclusion: it was already perfect. In all their testing of different concentrations, genetic compositions, and combinations, the effects and ratios were never quite right. Some things from Mother Nature are just not meant to be changed, and that’s the essence of what makes Verge so special.

    They continued to test the simplest version of their formula with friends and family, knowing it could help with productivity and the “daily grind”. Not long after seeing profound effects consistently among many people, they realized this was something they couldn’t keep to themselves. And the more people tried it, the more amazing stories they heard about the overwhelmingly positive impact it was having on peoples’ lives.

    While it began as something to share with people close-by who could benefit from it, today the mission remains unchanged: to harness the healing powers of biotanical (bio-hacking botanicals) compounds through science and understanding, drawing the benefits from what our amazing planet has bestowed upon us all.

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